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Find 24 hour walk in clinic near you and doctors that accept medicaid.  Locating the closest clinic in your area is make easy with WalkinClinicNearMe.me.  The website list all medical and health clinics in your area, and you simply just need to click on the listing.  It will then bring you to the nearest clinic.

Walk In Clinic

In the United States, a walk-in clinic is often loosely defined as a clinic that accepts patients walk in with no prior appointment required.


The benefits of a walk-in clinic are that it is not expensive and it is easily accessible to anyone that lives in the United States. You just have to walk over to your nearest clinic and see a doctor without setting up any appointment. It is convenient. The broad services provided by walk in clinic are usually enough to meet the needs of the public.

Some of us who do not have a regular family doctor, or our family doctor is not available.  When we are ill, the most convenient approach is to visit the nearby walk in clinic

Is Walk In Clinic Good?

There are many that complained about the poor quality of the walk-in clinics. Mostly the complaint was of the poor healthcare services and the clinics lack the professional touch as compare to the specialist clinic and hospital. The other usual negative feedback on the clinic is the long waiting time.

The expectation needs to be adjusted here if you are visiting a walk in clinic. A walk in clinic is not a specialist clinic. Walk-in clinic provides general medical services such as treating flu, vaccinations, fever etc. The cost is usually much lower. Since it is cheaper, it is reasonable to find many people visiting the clinic for common ailments treatment.

Overall, if you do not mind the wait and can accept the less than comfortable chair while waiting for your turn, a walk-in clinic is good enough for most of the illness.

Where To Find A Walk In Clinic

You can find a walk-in clinic here with the website listing of all clinic that allows walk in in your area.

Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinic is usually operated and led by physicians. These clinics are mostly standalone and they allow walk in patients since they cater to urgent care. Just like the standard walk in clinic, the urgent care clinic also provides for all the basic medical care. Most of the urgent care center has more specialized equipment such as X-ray machine.

Emergency Clinic

Emergency clinic caters to the critical situation such as accident, and life threatening illness such as stroke and internal organ injuries. Emergency clinic is staff with specialists and consultants to handle tricky and critical medical situation. Emergency clinic is the most expensive of all the clinics. These clinics are intended for life-threatening medical cases and should not be used for normal medical ailment treatment.

After Hours Clinic

Are you looking for an after-hours clinic? Most of the walk-in clinics closed at the usual time. It is not easy to find a clinic for after hours. You can use this website to find the after-hours clinic near you.

24 Hour Clinic

It is difficult to find a 24-hour clinic in your location. Most of the clinics do not open round the clock. Do you know at your fingertips which clinic in your area open for 24 hours? You probably do not know. This site list down all the 24 hours clinic in your area. You can find one quickly with this listing.

Family Clinic Near Me

It is easy to find a family clinic in your area. Family clinic practices family medicine which is general medical services. The medical services range from treating flu and fever to Botox and skin acne remedy. Most of the walk-in clinics handle family medicine. It should be easy if you wish to find a family clinic in your area.

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